BMW has announced a special edition of the M3, named the M Performance Edition, which will be launched on the United Kingdom auto market in the nearby future.

After the BMW M5 M Performance Edition has been announced for the UK, time has come for the smaller vehicle, the M3, to get the same treatment. According to the German based car manufacturer, the BMW M3 M Performance Edition will be launched in the United Kingdom. BMW says that, just as the M5 M Performance Edition, the M3 M Performance Edition will come in 30 units and with a choice of three colors, red, white and blue, 10 units for each color.

Even if the company has officially announced the BMW M3 M Performance Edition for the UK, we still don’t know if the model will get a different body kit, a power boost or a high specification of standard equipment. Rumors are saying that the BMW M3 M Performance Edition is most likely to come with an upgraded suspension system and bigger brakes, along with a blacked out grille. The engine is expected to remain standard, as the 4.0 liter V8, with its 414 BHP. You can watch the video with the M3 M Performance Edition being teased below. Enjoy!


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