[Video] BMW M4 in Coupe and Cabriolet form take on the track image

The main issue here is that while BMW has glorified all the changes it made to the entire series – right up to the performance M4 Coupe and Cabriolet – we’re seeing here a dangerous situation. Both Mercedes and BMW seem to have caught the Audi bug – as in change lots but everything needs to stay the same. And we beg to question – why is the strategy of the luxury rival that not only wasn’t able to secure the global leading position but also dropped into third last year any better than the one applied in the past by the leading brands?

The main issue – for example when selecting an M4 is that in order to make it look good you need the Competition package – bringing better exterior looks, awesome and grippy seats with holes in the sides and the spectacular 20-inch 666 M wheels, which remind us of the GTS so much. Oh yeah, power also gets upgraded to 450 hp, for a change. Anyways, at least in the promo footage the M4 looks as good as the M3 looked back in the day, when you didn’t have kilometers of wires and computers to help you and needed to rely on old-school driving prowess.