The Bavarian automaker has recently announced a truly amazing feat achieved during the record-breaking attempt to nail the world’s longest drift – the eight-hour stunt needed no less than five mid-drift refuel procedures.

In a take snatched from the Fast& Furious series, BMW has shown the world how they managed to pull not one, but two Guinness World Records – one for the longest drift and one for the longest tandem drift, water-aided. The performance sedan was honed by BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz, the same who back in 2013 managed with the previous generation M5 a total of 51.27 miles (82.51 kilometers). Back then he covered 322.5 laps of the round course at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina, but in the meantime others managed to improve on the performance – the Toyota GT86 nailed 89.55 miles (144.12 km) in July 2014 and 102.5 miles (165.04 km) in June last year.

[Video] BMW M5 is the new twin record holder for longest drift 0

On this occasion Schwartz did more than 2,000 laps in the new M5 (F90), with Guinness bestowing upon them the accolade for the new record holder for the longest vehicle drift: 232.5 miles (374.17 km). Nothing would have been possible without the help of BMW driving instructor Matt Mullins who drive the previous-generation M5 as a support vehicle, delivering mid-drift car-to-car refueling. Refueler Matt Butts took the task seriously – the cars actually hit each other on occasion during the procedure – but at the end BMW also nailed the second record: the longest twin vehicle drift (water assisted): 39.25 miles (63.16 km).


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