[Video] BMW M6 smashed in front of 2013 IAA image

A highly enraged E63 BMW M6 owner has taken its hate to the Frankfurt Motor Show, where, with the help of a friend, decided to take his rage on the vehicle, smashing it in front of the motor show expo.

It all happened in front of the Frankfurt Motor Show on Saturday, with the owner, Hadi Pourmohseni and his friend Kumpel Thomas Brunner, axing and hammering the car as a protest against BMW’s refusal to repair it.

As you may already know if you watched closely the news on our site, the German company faces problems with a system designed to aid in the distribution of parts from the central supply center in Munich. Well, as a matter of fact, it ain’t really helping, as you could see from protests all around the world of other dissatisfied customers.

Pourmohseni explains that he turned to BMW’s Italian arm in order to have his vehicles fix, but he claims his dealer sent him to BMW Group (Germany) in order to have the aforementioned problems solved. He sent a letter to Munich but received no answer and was very frustrated about having to accept the situation.