We’ve known it since way back in April 2012 when the i8 Concept Spyder first appeared – but BMW sure took some sweet time before introducing to the world the i8 Roadster.

Actually, they’re not out in the open yet with the model – instead presenting us with the model’s first official teaser. The production version – after way too much speculation from the rumor mill – will finally reach dealerships in 2018, so BMW is taking a page out of the marketing book by starting the teaser campaign quite early. This initial short clip delivers the plug-in hybrid open top in heavy camouflage – though we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the shape before, for example on the coupe version that has been out and about for quite some time. Oddly enough, the only area where there’s no camouflage is the only one that would be all-new, the roof. It seems to be made out of fabric, though we’ll reserve judgement for a later date when we have more information.

Modifications from the coupe include two protuberances behind the rear seats as seen on the i8 Vision Future Interaction concept, but otherwise the design is going to be shared with the coupe – perhaps both sporting the facelift lines when it is time to officially break cover. This means the i8 Roadster should include some sort of performance upgrade – with reports talking about the hybrid powertrain packing the three-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine and electric motor in a new power region of approximately 372 horsepower. It should also – logically – come with an upgraded battery pack for longer EV range.


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