[Video] BMW sheds even more light on Next 100 Vision Concept with 360-degree feature image

The German automaker has celebrated all year its centenary milestone – and by all standards the culmination of the anniversary is represented by the Vision Next 100 concept.

The Bavarian brand has a century of experience behind it so it’s looking forward into the future and a first glimpse of what’s on store can be seen in the fashionable Vision Next 100 concept. It’s also not your ordinary prototype so in order to better understand it the company has decided to release a 360-degree virtual reality video on YouTube created using Google Spotlight Stories technology. A few technicalities – if you want the best possible experience you’ll need the YouTube app for Android devices or the Google Spotlight Stories app for both iOS and Android. There’s also a 360-degree clip lacking the interactivity features available for smartphones and desktop.

The Vision Next 100 concept is of course not heading towards the production line but it’s a preview of things to come – for example the “iNext” project set to arrive in the form of a new flagship model with an entirely electric powertrain and autonomous features in 2021. We already know the decade will conclude with all BMW series having at least one electrified version – and a new research facility in Unterschleissheim near Munich, Germany, will be working on autonomous driving technologies.