[Video] BMW talks you through the new 6 Series Gran Turismo image

GT models used to be slightly more comfortable versions of hardcore supercars, but still retained the two-door, long hood qualities and more importantly could be driven fast…

That’s all in the past now, with the GT moniker used on models such as the hideous 5 Series GT of the previous generation. Wait, BMW just came up with a new GT – and they also changed the forward sentence with the 6 Series moniker. Well not much has changed in absolute terms – we’re still dealing with a five-door hatchback/sedan/coupe of sorts… wait, let’s allow BMW to do the talking, they pay a lot of money to the marketing and PR guys so things like this get thoroughly explained. Which is probably why they came up with this video – or maybe to address the fact that the Internet knows how to tax brands that eschew the regular discussion and want a hatchback not to be called as such.

The new 6 Series GT is going for the Audi A7 clientele instead of the previous version trying – and failing – to lure away some of the CLS (yes, not a hatchback either, but let’s go with the fact that these are competitors) and most of all the A5 Sportback. And lest not forget about the Porsche Panamera – so here you go, this is not a niche anymore, it’s a fully-fledged segment that previously no one knew it needed to exist. BMW is seemingly well aware it’s going to take some extra effort to put the 6 Series GT on the radar – and images usually speak a thousand words.