[Video] BMW wants to reach Level 5 autonomy in 2030 image

The Bavarian automaker is getting ready for the autonomous revolution, just like any other global automaker, and BMW is expected to come with Level 3 self-driving capabilities in the near future.

Self driving cars are roaming the world already, with numerous countries or local authorities allowing companies to test their driverless technology on public roads to get them ready for production. Numerous brands are very close to introducing fully autonomous cars these days – including Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Audi and of course Tesla. BMW today – just like the vast majority of other automakers offering some level of autonomy in their cars have so far only reached Level 2, SAE explaining this means the driver can take the hands off the steering wheel for very brief periods.

Because these Level scenario from SAE is sometimes ambiguous – for those that don’t read the full synopsis on their website, the Bavarian brand has released a short promotional video, to explain the process they are going through as they strive for the fully autonomous scenario. Level 3 means people can sometimes take a break from driving, but they need to come back to it in short notice. With Level 4, the company says the driver can even sleep during periods of the journey, but still needs to be able to drive in case the vehicle requests for the human to take over in certain cases. At Level 5 the vehicle will be autonomous all the time and there’s no driver, only passengers inside.