[Video] BMW Welt gets promoted via marriage proposal image

Fore sure you heard about the BMW Welt complex in Munich – after all it’s the No.1 tourist attraction in Bavaria – that part of Germany that is full of history and places to visit.

But when you’re on top your work doesn’t end – it actually becomes harder, as you have a long way to maintain that hard-acquired position. And marketing stunts – the more unconventional, the merry – are a well-known practice.

This is what happens actually in the video. The BMW marketing gurus thought of an ingenious way to promote the Welt complex. A visiting couple from Lebanon – Bachir and Layal – came to Munich to visit the BMW Welt. The thing is that Bachir had a secret idea – with the complicity of the BMW officials he surprisingly proposed to his one-year long girlfriend.

To be sure he’s going to close the “deal,” he told his girlfriend he’s going to buy tickets for the tour attraction – but later showed up behind the wheel of a brand new M3 Yas Marina Blue. Thanks to the charm of the BMW supercar and deep pockets…sorry, love of Bachir, the staged proposal worked like a charm – it was “spontaneously” caught on video.

For sure, following Layal’s positive response, the couple happily returned to Lebanon to dream about their house full of children – all branded “M,” of course.