The Bavarian automaker is certainly doing things a little bit different with the X2 – if not a little bit odd. Well, the first TV commercial for the coupe-SUV is certainly different, for the better or worse.

The first part involves way more bling than the Game of Thrones (reference via creepy golden throne made out of hands) or even a 1990s rap video (reference with golden chains, golden coins, golden baseball bat, golden coat, and a golden flower, etc.). Then we’re heading into an homage to James Cameron’s cult shape sifting liquid metal Terminator as the car itself morphs from a huge pool of gold… yep, we told you it was different. The reason behind the producers decision to sniff some gold – sorry, play with gold – is the crossover is depicted here in the new Galvanic Gold metallic launch color.

We really don’t understand the artistic references when an angry model covered in gold from head to toe foregoes her black mask and coat. The X2 is being driven across a giant chessboard, smashes the walls of an office labyrinth, blows up old TVs and even evades wrecking balls covered in gold, perhaps in a Miley Cyrus meets The Hunger Games mash-up… At the very end comes the pièce de résistance, a giant robot spider the X2 manages to defeat like in a 1980s arcade video game…


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