The German based automaker BMW has released a new promotional video with the recently unveiled X4, which is showing the model in q whole new light.

Originally unveiled just a few months ago and already available for order in some markets, the brand new BMW X4 is ending up in our news once again, this time with the help of a new commercial. The clip posted below is presenting the new crossover as the perfect city car, which is suitable for just about every occasion and which can be driven in any weather conditions.

The model in question is basically a smaller version of the X6 and just like its larger brother, which has been based on the X5, the X4 has been based on the X3 and it is basically a more expensive version of the popular vehicle. The BMW X4 has a sportier look and it’s riding on the same platform as the X3, getting the same interior design and engine lineup. The lowered roofline will set it apart from the model on which is based upon and in Europe it is coming with engines rated between 181 HP and 309 HP, all of them meeting the EU6 exhaust gas standards. Prices for the model on the Old Continent start from 45,600 euros while in the U.S. at 45,625 USD.


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