[VIDEO] BMW X4 to be unveiled on March 6 – teaser added image

BMW has released the first teaser video with the upcoming X4, which will be officially unveiled on March 6.

The German based automaker BMW is placing the brand new X4 into the spotlights, officially, for the first time ever, as the company has released a teaser video with the baby X6. The development of the BMW X4 is no surprise for anyone as our spy photographers have managed to capture the model on camera numerous times, but what we didn’t know until now was the official date when the crossover will be unveiled. This is actually March 6 and chances are that we will get to see it live during the 2014 New York Auto Show, in April.

The new BMW X4 is basically a smaller version of the X6 and just like its larger brother, which is based on the X5, the X4 will be based on the X3. The model in question will get a sportier look and a slightly more aggressive body, along with the sloping roof line, but changes between the two will stop here, as the interior and the engine lineup will be most likely carried over from the X3. Additional details on the BMW X4 are limited for the moment and will be announced this week.