[VIDEO] BMW X6 gets optimistic commercial image

BMW has released what is probably the most optimistic ever commercial in recent history where the X6 is playing the main role.

The German based automaker has high hopes for the X6 and just to prove how high the hopes are, a video has been released where the crossover is being shown pulling a snowcat up a hill in snowy conditions. Most of us have driven the X6 and even if we didn’t get behind the wheel of the X6, we took the X5 for a spin, on which the X6 is based and we can truly say that its off-road skills are equal to those of a blind man shopping for balloons in a large supermarket, on his own.

As a quick reminder, the BMW X6 has been in production since 2008 and the model is being assembled in Russia and in the United States. The crossover is coming with a front engine and four-wheel drive layout and it can be ordered with a choice of four engines and two transmissions. The BMW X6 produced after 2010 is 4,879 mm long, 1,984 mm wide and 1,689 mm tall. The X6 is based on the X5. You can watch the latest commercial with the BMW X6 below and if you won’t laugh after clicking play than contact us so we can offer you a trip to your front door.