[VIDEO] BMW X6 Trophy Truck heading to Baja 1000 image

A video of an insanely modified BMW X6 named Trophy Truck caught our attention and after doing some quick internet research we found out that the “German” vehicle was actually made for the Baja 1000 which will take place in November and it will be manhandled by Armin Schwarz with its 750 horsepower.

The Trophy truck doesn’t have anything in common anymore with the original BMW X6 and actually looks pretty similar to the German SUV thanks to the custom-built fiberglass shell which covers the massive specially made V8 engine and a custom chassis.

The Trophy Truck rules specify that the engine has to be based on a production block so the off-roader is powered by a 4.4 liter V8 engine, based on the X6 M, which is developing around 725 – 750 horsepower and has a peak torque of 400 lb-ft, mated to a four-speed sequential transmission which moving the rear wheels.

The BMW X6 Trophy Truck’s suspension can travel 25 inches at the front and 32 inches at the back and we can actually say that the off-roader has as much in common with the original SUV as the Porsche Cayenne has with a 911 GT3.

The BMW X6 Trophy Truck driver, Armin Schwarz, says that the planning for the truck began back in 2009. You can watch the beast in action below. Enjoy!