The world’s largest luxury automaker is celebrating an important milestone this year – 100 years of existence – and the anniversary has been marked with the automaker taking the wraps off the Vision Next 100 concept.

As the name clearly states, this is a glimpse into the future of the Bavarian brand – maybe even into the next 100 years. We have on our hands a truly futuristic concept that has been shaped as a sedan – to represent the core of the brand’s heritage – even as SUVs and crossovers are actually selling better these days. We can see the Vision Next 100’s design language has been in more than one way influenced by the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, though this prototype uses all the tricks in the aerodynamics book to achieve drag coefficient of only 0.18. The concept is 193 inches (4900 mm) long, which is a tad less than a regular 5 Series executive sedan – but it’s also significantly lower at 54 inches / 1370 mm (4 inches – 100 mm reduced height). We also have a body produced by combining carbon fiber and plastic, with some of the panels additionally made out of residues obtained during carbon fiber processing. We can see the sedan body has been styled to mimic the appearance of a coupe – keeping in line with BMW’s series of Gran Coupes – and the prototype also goes about without B-pillars, meaning egress and entry should be easily enough even with the lower height.

The cabin has been made out of recycled and renewable materials which have been used in lieu of today’s cars unfriendly materials. The Vision Next 100 concept also has a dual driving setup: “Boost” for the driver to be in total control and “Ease” mode for those times when the vehicle becomes autonomous thanks to the roster of driverless technologies it packs. BWM has also worked into the car’s human-machine interface the newly created “Alive Geometry” which uses almost 800 moving triangles built into the instrument panel and in some areas of the side panels – they can augment interaction between the vehicle and the driver by showcasing intuitive alerts for the driver to become aware of possible dangerous situations. The Vision Next 100 is just the first out of four concepts prepared by the BMW Group – next up is the Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary in June and later on it will be Mini’s and BMW Motorrad’s turn.


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