We’re assaulted on a daily basis with news about this and that electric startup, so we’ve grown weary about actually trusting these little companies to actually deliver – but we had high hopes for Bollinger’s hip square electric commercial SUV/pickup truck.

This rugged-looking utilitarian off-road marvel looks ready to treat us to a Defender blast from the electric future – even though the B1 doesn’t resemble the British-born go-anywhere legend. The Bollinger B1 was recently presented in America, and we’re happy to report they’re now on their merry way at the track, doing the usual testing – even though track testing an SUV is not exactly its best medium. We’re eagerly awaiting the first video demonstrations off the beaten path, but we’ll settle for these for now, instead.

The Bollinger B1 was taken out for some fun at the New York Safety Track in Harpersfield, New York, a 2.1-mile circuit – with this being an electric we’re not hearing its habitual noises due to the superimposed marketing-ordered music, even though we would have loved to hear its actual “rumble.” At the end, make sure you stay for the third video as well, which is a short animation that tearing down this all-electric sport utility truck down to the frame and building it back up – good for understanding how this new age vintage vehicle actually works.


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