[Video] Brabus 850 Buscemi Edition is going to Dubai, not Hollywood image

The German tuner hasn’t decided on taking the Mercedes G-Class W463 series G63 and turn it into an homage for actor Steve Buscemi, because the model has set its sights on the Dubai Motor Show, not the Hollywood hills.

The G-Wagen has been named the Buscemi Edition due to implication from 42-year-old Californian designer Jon Buscemi, who actually didn’t work on the car itself… but the two pairs of exclusive sneakers that get matching golden elements just like the off-roader. By the way, this new G63-based Buscemi Edition that’s been prepared for and presented at the current edition of the Dubai Motor Show is priced at no less than €410,000 before VAT… so exclusivity is clearly the name of the game here. And at least there are perks – the aforementioned sneakers, along with a three-piece luggage set from the latest collection envisioned by Buscemi and Brabus.

Brabus 850 Buscemi Edition is going to Dubai, not Hollywood 6

But let’s talk about the G63 – he’s actually the object of interest for us. As the monster shows, the focus was on menacing looks, complete with gold and carbon fiber elements. Under the hood the dragon breaths fire through a bigger V8 6.0-liter (up from 5.5) biturbo mill that now has 850 hp and a rocket-ship like 1,069 pound-feet (1,450 Newton-meters) of torque. With a gross weight of another rocket – 5,622 pounds (2,550 kilograms), the Buscemi Edition still thunders to 62 mph (100 kph) in just four seconds. With an aero widebody kit and 23-inch forged wheels, you can say a top speed limiter kicking in at 162 mph (260 kph) is quite sensible…