Video: Brazilian racer cheats death image

There’s no doubt about it – racing can be a dangerous sport. Fire. It’s one of the biggest fears of many race car drivers. A race car driver in Brazil had to jump from his moving car after it caught fire and filled the cabin with acrid smoke.

You can see Rocha’s sudden exit from the moving race car under hellish circumstances in the video below. Possibly delirious at his daring and luck, he then triumphantly raised his arms aloft to the crowd and saluted the joy of being alive.

Christiano “Tuka” Rocha won numerous karting championships in Brazil from 96 to 2000. After he moved to South American Formula 3 Lights. In 2002 he moved to Europe to compete in the World Series by Nissan where he was Ricardo Zonta’s teammate. In 2008 Tuka was chosen to drive the Flamengo’s car in Formula Superleague.