Do you think your job is boring and you hate Mondays – then maybe this video isn’t for you, because we’d rather say this impressive timelapse Lego build comes to show you can do wonders – but only with dedication and hard work.

Let’s face it – we all love Lego, more so when it’s automotive related. And we’ve seen our fair share of amazing Lego vehicle builds in our time, including recent examples such as the full-sized replica of the McLaren 720S that appeared at Goodwood this year. Since we’re just coming off the GP weekend of Monza, we could honor the Ferrari legacy a little bit more – including this full-size Lego replica of a Ferrari Formula One car. It’s the Ferrari SF-70H F1 model, which secured wins in Australia, Bahrain, Monaco, and Hungary this year, but instead of metal it only has plastic bits – some 350,000 bricks.

[Video] Brick your Monday with a Lego F1 car timelapse 1

This build was worth some 750-man hours – but before that happened they needed another 844 hours over a total of 66 days just to get ready the digital blueprints. The Lego replica is even lighter – tipping the scales at 1,250 pounds (567 kilograms), whereas the F1 car is hitting the mark at 1,605 pounds (728 kilograms). The construction is a full-scale adaptation of Lego’s “Speed Champions” series, which has the small-scale model of the Ferrari SF-70H, along with other racers such as the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the Ford GT or series models like the Bugatti Chiron.


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