[Video] British-style burning rubber involves drift, BMW M3 and… rugby? image

We’re used to seeing the BMW M3 taken to all sorts of duties – the model is truly versatile thanks to its sedan setup – but we were still caught by surprise when asked if it can handle… rugby.

We all know that living on an island can do all sorts of things to your psyche – and the Brits have been living on such a rock since before Mark Hamill appeared in a galaxy far, far away in his titular role as an aged Luke Skywalker (if you remember your Star Wars lore, the action also takes place a very long time ago). Anyways, the latest idea they came up with was to see how many passes the M3 can handle – rugby-style. The M Division machine has also been treated to some star-action, namely the ones doing the passing are two of England’s stars, Kieran Brookes and Tom Wood.

The rules were easy – the car can’t pass and the humans can’t drift (without a mechanical aid, that is) they had to do the thing around. The humans tried to throw the balls at the M3 while it was doing the drifting with all four windows down. “As England take on Scotland in the RBS 6 Nations, we challenged rugby stars Kieran Brookes and Tom Wood to a game of our own. Do they have the speed and accuracy to cope with the sheer power of the BMW M3?” asked the automaker another question no one knew we were looking for the answer.