[Video] Brushed gold C63 AMG Coupe spotted in Dubai image

Well, you just don’t see too often the very sporty and performance oriented Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, as the model really is for connoisseurs… or, in the case of this brushed gold unit, is really for the oil and sand rich of Dubai.

Screaming opulence from every angle, the model we see has been readily captured for eternity on video thanks to the universal Youtube. So, without further ado we present you this royal AMG, nicely and neatly wrapped in brushed gold metallic foil and looking as shiny as a new penny. Overdone? Not really, as Dubai has ATM’s that trade gold bars. So no, a gold car in a country where you buy gold just like you pay your bills is not overdone.

Also, just as a reminder, the C63AMG really is a punchy performance pack, with the AMG 6.208L V8 engine despite being detuned compared to other AMG offerings using the same powerplant, still provides the C63 AMG with more horsepower and torque over direct rivals such as the Audi RS4 and BMW M3.