[Video] Bugatti chief plays around on track inside the Chiron image

Being the boss of the most exotic production-series automaker in the world certainly has its perks. For one, it allows you to go for a Nurburgring lap inside the company’s prized possession.

Wolfgang Dürheimer is the man in charge to lead the Bugatti an Bentley brands – but managing skills are not his only credentials, it appears. That’s because he’s also knowledgeable enough to navigate his way throughout the notoriously tricky Nürburgring Nordschleife. He did it just to showcase the Chiron to a journalist – and yeah, the crowd that was amassed at the iconic track. Dürheimer shows he has been intimate with the Chiron for a while and even hammered down the ‘Ring’s long straight to reach about 200 miles per hour. That’s because he’s so proud of his “baby”, which incorporates multiple systems that enable the Chiron to reach insanely high speeds.

More so, he spilled the beans on Bugatti planning yet another high-speed run sometimes during 2018 in order to make sure the Guinness World Record of speed for a production car will remain a Bugatti affair – aiming to take down the Veyron’s title. That could prove tricky though, as Hennessey is also aiming for a record in the category with its upcoming Venom F5 and Koenigsegg might also take a swing if it desires. While tipping the scales at 4,398 pounds, the Chiron looks equipped to handle the Green Hell like a true sports car, which is of course facilitated by the use of that 1,479 horsepower and 1,181 pound-feet of torque quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16.

Via Car Throttle