[Video] Bugatti Chiron brought its incredible credentials to the Goodwood hillclimb image

The Bugatti Chiron is expected with open bank accounts by the most affluent persons on the planet, but undoubtedly the automaker does a great job at enticing the regular folk as well.

For example they allowed the mighty Veyron successor to show its credentials while taking up the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb, with the hypercar looking decidedly composed when tackling the tight corners. Thanks to its smashing quadturbo W16 engine the Chiron brags with its 1,479 horsepower (1,103 kilowatts), but it’s incredible how eerie quiet the powertrain is actually. This might not bode well with fans of hypercar rumble, but those looking for a classy and elegant ride will truly be amazed. Crank up your speakers if you want to hear the engine noise – setting off the line a rumble from the engine and turbo whistling can be heard, but as the pace is picked up the thunderous hypercar standard is nowhere to be found. Moments later, you can hear the announcer better than the $2.7-million vehicle.

[Video] Bugatti Chiron brought its incredible credentials to the Goodwood hillclimb 1

This is a short video indeed, but still demonstrates Chiron’s out of the world performance credentials. Just look further down the video at the moment when the bespoke Ferrari 458 Speciale MM – it has 605 hp (445 kilowatts) thanks to the naturally-aspirated 4.5-liter V8, meaning the Prancing Horse has less than half the power of the Bugatti. Yet, the Ferrari is by far much louder than the Chiron when going up the hill. Bugatti is preparing to deliver the first Chirons to customers this fall, and the lucky owners can also brag about owning the model that is faster than Le Mans racers.