[Video] Bugatti Chiron gets through the trials and tribulations of  hot weather testing image

When you know some of the examples you produce will forever live in some of the scorching parts of the planet you go out of your way to make sure everything is in order – especially when your last name is Bugatti and the first is Chiron.

If you’re in the business of producing an object of desire and adulation for the entire planet – no we’re not talking about the sexiest women on the planet – we’re discussing here an ultra expensive hypercar like the incredible Chiron – you’re going to make sure everything is up to snuff. This means the extremes of the planet – such as extremely cold or hot temperatures – need to be something that doesn’t leave a mark even after thousand of test miles. Today we’re interested in the hot part of the equation – since some of us here on the Blue Planet are taking up the winter months.

Bugatti has decided to showcase some of the trials and tribulations of hot weather environment testing, with the short video depicting the efforts needed to review their prowess. During five weeks, Bugatti test engineers took four Chiron test cars across the United States’s hottest desert regions – 35,000 kilometers of tarmac that was baking under a hot summer sun. Temperatures rose back then to almost 125 degrees F (51 degrees C) outside the car. The trip took them to Los Angeles, north to Sacramento, over to Yosemite Park and then down into Death Valley, as well as Phoenix, Arizona. The next to Monument Valley before finally finishing the testing in Denver, Colorado.