[Video] Bugatti officially kicks off deliveries for the all-mighty Chiron image

The Bugatti Chiron might very well be the Last of the Mohicans in terms of conventional supercar design – all that might comes from a classic, internal combustion engine and nothing else.

The company has now officially announced it has started deliveries for its extremely affluent clients, but exclusivity is a given – no more than 70 units will be manufactured throughout the whole year. After Cristiano Ronaldo approved the Chiron, the company’s plant in France finished off the first three owner examples – heading to Europe and the Middle East. The €2.4-million machine is being put together by no more than 50 specialists, working at Bugatti’s Atelier at the brand’s headquarters in Molsheim, a facility covering over 1,000 square meters. It was the same place used for the 450 Veyron cars that were finished in a 10-year production run. This year, the automaker wants to speed up things apparently – with “up to 70” Chirons.

The company has pre-orders for 220 examples, and the first three production units are now getting ready to reach their intended customers – the first Chiron showcar, as well as the Vision Gran Turismo concept, were actually both sent to a “a car enthusiast and Bugatti lover from Saudi Arabia,” which translates to Prince Badr bin Saud, grandson of the deceased King Abdullah. There’s also a different hypercar unit, with a bespoke color scheme, set to arrive on display during the Geneva Motor Show.