VIDEO: Bus Crashes in California Killing at Least 8 image

Sunday, February 3rd, a tour bus with Mexican tourists collided with two other cars on a Southern California mountain road.

At least eight people lost their lives and 38 more were injured in the accident which took place on Sunday at around 6:30 p.m. the tour bus hit a car and then plowed into a pickup truck, leaving the State Route 38 littered with debris. The accident took place as the bus was leaving San Bernardino National Forest and Big Bear, a popular area with a ski resort and recreational locations.

Emergency crews hurried to free the passengers that were trapped in the bus, but the severity and violence of this accident prevented authorities from determining exactly how many people were killed or injured.

“It’s really a mess up there with body parts,” said California Department of Transportation spokeswoman Michelle Profant.

The bus driver survived and told authorities that the vehicle was heading down the mountain it suffered brake problems. The injured passengers were immediately taken to several hospitals in the area. this tragic accident comes a day after a bus with 42 high school students and teachers crashed into an overpass in Boston, injuring 35 people.