The American luxury marquee, while not at the top of its game currently in terms of sales or profit, has a history of delivering truly spectacular prototypes.

Just look at the Ciel concept – showcased five years ago at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – or the Elmiraj concept from 2013. Now the US brand is gearing up for another impressive display apparently, with the same Pebble Beach venue as the host – and hopefully with the same innovative spirit at heart as well. Details are of course still under wraps, but as far as we can see from the featured teaser video we can see a very elegant dashboard layout consisting of wood trim and a very simple – yet high-tech – layout eschewing the myriad of buttons and knobs.

Those puny conventional controls have been ditched in favor of a couple of curved OLED screens co-developed with LG Electronics. We can be sure the concept has slim chances of ever reaching the production lines, but it appears the company has bigger plans with the new screens, allegedly awaiting implementation on a future model. It appears Cadillac is not the only one working on OLED displays with Audi rumored to pack such fancy screens in the new generation A8 limousine due in 2017. The organic light-emitting diodes are so far used in the Audi TT RS and BMW M4 GTS taillights.



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