[Video] Camp out without harming nature in the Nissan E-NV 200 image

It’s a one-off for now, but as the electric revolution is approaching, we might see an influx of electric camper vans slowly take up every camping site provided by mother nature.

Kevin and Elaine Smith from the United Kingdom are seemingly ahead of time – hey, maybe they’ll even start a business converting electric cars and vans into campers for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors without harming Mother Nature. They decided to have their electric NV200 Nissan van into an electric camper, and this bespoke variant comes with 250 W solar panels on the roof, to provide further assistance to the vehicle’s 24 kWh battery.

The conversion wasn’t done manually though, instead being operated by Hillside Leisure, a specialist campervan conversion company from Derby, Great Britain, who decided the work-focused Nissan electric van needs to spend some leisure, quality family time. The custom micro camper van treatment includes pop-up roof, twin-hob gas stove, 39-litre refrigerator, on-board water tank and low-voltage LED lighting. An American is going to laugh at such a conversion – with their huge RVs – but the camper van does come with incredible advantages – a conventional driving license is in order, no towing or playing with a larger vehicle, as well as easy fit in most standard car parking spaces.