[Video] Car-bomb your wedding… DTM style image

Has anyone ever contested that being a professional driver with an international automaker isn’t a dream job with marvelous perks – if there is a single voice, feel free to change your opinion right now.

Arguably most of the ladies have spent years fantasizing about the perfect wedding day – and we suspect some of the gentlemen have done it too… and when it comes to epic ideas, this one certainly rates at the top. It happened to Maro Engel, who has been a driver for Mercedes for quite some time and as such visited the world’s greatest circuits – this year he also decided to come home for a stint during Germany’s DTM touring car series with Mercedes, and yes, he also married.

[Video] Car-bomb your wedding in… DTM style 2

“It was an absolutely amazing, incredible experience,” Engel said in an interview – and he wasn’t actually referring to the wedding, but the after-ceremony drive in… a Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM that was loaned to the couple (just imagine the logistics, this isn’t a road-approved car, authorities were certainly involved). “When the team offered it to us, we were blown away and thought about how best to manage the half-hour drive,” he said. “It was a crazy feeling, driving off from the church in the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM together with my wife, along the narrow road through the small fishing village and out onto the coast road.”