[VIDEO] Car jumping rope image

A video uploaded on YouTube and showing a real car jumping a rope caught our attention and after we watched we couldn’t help it and watched it again; and again; and again… Well, you get the point! Rumors are that the fabulous vehicle was made in the United States and named the Cyclone.

Sadly we don’t know anything else about this car, its owner or he has used to make it bounce like crazy. Hell, we don’t even want to know how he got the idea of making it jump a rope but we have a clue that he might been smoking something green before that. Just to cut down the pain from all that jumping. Legally, of course, with a prescription.

Next time your daughter asks you if she can go outside and jump her rope just say no, you don’t know exactly what she means! You can watch the video with the car jumping a rope below. Enjoy!