A review with the small Ford EcoSport, signed by Carbuyer, is suggesting to head towards other vehicles in the segment as this is simply useless.

If you were looking into small and compact crossovers hoping to buy one, make sure you avoid the Ford EcoSport. This is what the review of the model made by Carbuyer is telling us. The tested vehicle was equipped with a 1.0L EcoBoost turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and the reviewer, Mat Watson, had nice things to say about it, except the fuel consumption, which is behind its main rivals.

Mat Watson is also wondering why Ford added the “Sport” word to the name of the crossover because this is the least sporty Ford vehicle he has taken out in ages. The vehicle apparently understeers, is inaccurate at speed, the ride is not good as the suspension is too firm and the materials used in the cabin can only be described as cheap. Ok, ok, you may say, but what else can I buy? Well, you can start with the path opener in the segment, the Nissan Juke, which we tested here and here, the Renault Captur, driven by us here, here and here and also the Peugeot 2008, taken out for a quick spin here and here.


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