[Video] Cars can do all sorts of stunts – including flying over roundabouts image

The crazy but still interesting mishap took place in Romania, where a hatchback and its driver decided to go for a scenery night flight using a roundabout’s design as a ramp – it did achieve some decent Asphalt 8-inspired airtime and came down with a splash and bang.

It appears this is a case of drowsiness over the wheel, the feat occurred during the nighttime break so fortunately there were no traffic participants too close. The mishap took place in Braila, Romania, where the hatchback did a stunt Ken Block himself would be very proud of – though the pro driver might have warned the wannabe stunt performer there will be serious consequences to the stock vehicle. The airtime was possible thanks to the lip of the roundabout and traffic cameras were there to record for posterity – so who needs those recent introductions in the GoPro lineup?

The massive leap saw the hatch go up in the air spectacularly and it seems the model was very well balanced because it landed on all four – though the pool of rain water did little to attenuate the hard impact. The cameras unfortunately didn’t treat us to audio – but the splash must have been a thunderous occurrence since a do quickly came to see what the fuss is all about. Fortunately no one was injured and the dog could go back to his master and report the humans quickly came to help the stunt driver in distress.