[Video] Caterham Seven 620R delivers new record… for donuts image

It’s not the kind police officers love, though – it’s the kind we motoring freaks love. And the Caterham Seven 620R actually managed 19 of them in just 60 seconds.

The boutique British sports car manufacturer has decided to let six-time olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy loose on the track inside their very lightweight Seven 620R, delivering a new world record for most donuts made in a minute. Hoy managed to complete 19 of them, with the record attempt taking place at Donington Park, home in the United Kingdom. The idea behind the 60 seconds measure is this was part of the year-long celebrations related to the iconic Seven’s 60-years anniversary.

[Video] Caterham Seven 620R delivers new record… for donuts 2

The Caterham Seven 620R had all the credentials needed for such a stunt: supercharged 310-horsepower (231-kilowatt) 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine, limited slip differential, as well as a set of ultra-high-performance Avon ZZS tires. Sir Chris Hoy wasn’t breaking any rules – the rubber is completely street-legal, though usually reserved by Caterham towards its Caterham Motorsport championships. The 6-years anniversary celebrations also included the arrival of two new models – the Seven Sprint, a delicious vintage take, as well as the modern Seven Supersprint, both versions selling out in record time. “When we entered the Seven’s 60th anniversary celebrations we knew we wanted it to be a milestone year,” said Graham MacDonald. “However, we didn’t realize it would be a record breaking year on so many different counts. Topping off the year, after such a strong sales performance, with a record from an Olympic icon is quite a way to round it all off.”