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It has been signed by the SVO division and it is the company’s first armored vehicle.

Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations has presented us with another model, the company’s first armored vehicle which has been called the Range Rover Sentinel. The vehicle in question has been based on the range-topping standard wheelbase Autobiography and it is getting the VR8 level certification meaning that it can withstand 7.62 mm high-velocity, armor piercing incendiary bullets and it is also offering lateral protection for 15 kg TNT blasts and defense against the DM51 grenade explosions from above the roof and beneath the floor.
Range Rover Sentinel 01
The new bespoke armored vehicle has a six-piece armored passenger cell which has been made from super high strength steel cell, as it is named by SVO, getting multi-laminated armor privacy glass granting bullet protection while maintaining the clarity and so on. The Dynamic Stability Control and the Ride Stability Control systems have been tweaked too and the maximum payload of the Sentinel stands at 650 kg. The suspension system has been modified too in order to cope with the added weight. There is also an auxiliary back-up battery, a split charging system, the self-sealing fuel tank, the anti-tamper exhaust system and others.
Range Rover Sentinel 03
The new Range Rover Sentinel is riding on 20-inch alloy wheels with heavy-duty run-flat tires. The carmaker has added a fire suppression system as well and in case the main doors will be blocked, there is an emergency escape system which is located behind the rear seats, allowing the driver and passenger to exit in an emergency situation. Under the hood, the armored vehicle is making use of a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine, which is capable of putting down a total of 340 PS.

Power is being sent to the revised 8-speed ZF automatic transmission and stopping is being provided by the 380 mm front and 365 mm rear ventilated disc brakes. The new Range Rover Sentinel is going to be offer for sale later on this month and it is homologated for the European Union, for Africa, for the Middle East and South America. It has a starting price of less than 400,000 euros and it is being offered with a 3-year / 50,000 mile warranty.