A lot of videos with the recently unveiled Renault Talisman have hit the web recently and they are showing it from a lot of angles.

If you happen to be on the lookout for a brand new midsized sedan, than the newly unveiled Renault Talisman should definitely be on your list too, up there with the Volkswagen Passat, the Ford Mondeo, the Mazda6 and so on. But before being able to place a deposit for it, the vehicle is currently being highlighted in some brand new clips, which are showing it from a lot of angles and revealing a lot of its features, so make sure you scroll down and check them out.

The Renault Talisman is coming as a replacement for the Laguna and Latitude. At this time, the vehicle is being offered in a single body style, a four-door coupe, but in the future, a five-door estate will be added to the lineup too. The model in question will be available at first in the Initiale Paris flagship variant but no pricing details have been announced at this point. The new model has a fresh design on its exterior and a completely new cabin, showing some common things with the Espace. It has the R-Link 2 infotainment system with the 8.7-inch display on higher end models, 10-way adjustable seats with massage, memory and heating functions, a Bose surround sound system and so on. Under its hood it has a TCe 150, a TCe 200, a dCi 110 and a dCi 130.


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