[VIDEO] Check out the Toyota Camry Hybrid SiC prototype image

Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off its newest creation, the Camry Hybrid SiC prototype, which is expected to debut at an international automotive event, over the next few months.

In case you have been wondering what Toyota is cooking these days, the images posted below are showing exactly that, the so-called Camry Hybrid SiC prototype. The model in question is taking the “SiC” name from “silicon carbide semiconductors” and it has been designed to test their performance, getting a unique PCU (power control unit) which is using the SiC semiconductors which can improve the fuel efficiency by approximately 10 percent.

“Power semiconductors are found in power control units (PCUs), which are used to control motor drive power in hybrids and other vehicles with electric powertrains. PCUs play a crucial role in the use of electricity, supplying battery power to the motors during operation and recharging the battery using energy recovered during deceleration”, says the company in its official press release.

The brand new Toyota Camry Hybrid SiC prototype will begin its testing in February and the carmaker will be collecting data such as the PCU voltage, driving patterns, outside temperature and so on and it will compare it to the data of models which are equipped with the “classic” traditional silicon semiconductors. The SiC semiconductors will apparently be put to use in the near future. More details on the subject are limited at this time but you might expect a debut of this one-off vehicle during a future automotive event.