[Video] Chevrolet Camaro drag car shows it has no turn skills – actually it’s the driver lacking them image

A Chevrolet Camaro tuned for drag strip racing recently took a nasty hit to the driver’s ego as the duo crashed when leaving a Cars and Coffee event in the US.

While it’s rather natural that as a car passionate you might want to burn some rubber when leaving for home following some neat hours of watching and discussing cool cars at the local cars and coffee gathering. But the YouTube is full of lessons that appear to be very hard to learn – don’t get cocky with your skills or disaster will strike in a heartbeat. During a cars and coffee event in Reno, Nevada that took place recently a Chevrolet Camaro owner learned the lesson the hard way.

Out from the cars and coffee parking lot, the driver of the supercharged Chevy Camaro drag car has a fetish for showing off his ride to the audience – roar engine, smoke and impressed spectators ensue. But something goes wrong, the Camaro ending up in a fence after jumping off a concrete divider. The driver escaped unscathed, but his four wheeled love didn’t survive – the entire bodywork around the tube-frame front end is torn apart, with the supercharged engine looking ashamed when audiences gaze in. The driver didn’t seem to mind he will be the laughing stock of the entire Internet and said he will have the ride fixed in time for Reno’s Hot August Nights car show later this summer.