[Video] Chevrolet continues to tease us with the 2016 Volt’s first interior footage image

Mark Reuss is that very lucky guy to be able to test-drive any GM car before it’s launched. His latest feat comes from inside the yet to be released 2016 Volt, with the GM Executive Vice President of Global Product Development also showing us a glimpse of the car’s interior.

During the clip, the GM top executive also confirms the previously speculated regenerative braking on demand function – to be easily controlled via steering wheel-mounted paddles. The system is going to enable the owner to start according to his will the regenerative braking system when they consider it’s appropriate – such as the cases when he’s slowing down or approaching a stop light – it could be considered akin to the “retarder” functions seen on many heavy trucks or coach buses. Reuss also lauds the engineers work for the upcoming Volt, saying “it is even more refined than the [system on the] ELR.”

We also can see some of the design trends for the car’s interior – mostly doing elaborate guessing and detective work – the company was careful to cover it in camouflage. We catch glimpses though of the digital instrument cluster, metallic trim and an evolutionary center stack that features a bigger infotainment display.