[VIDEO] Chevrolet Silverado Realtree concept teased ahead of SEMA image

The American based automotive giant General Motors has decided to play just like its main European competitors and teased its Silverado Realtree concept ahead of the 2011 SEMA Motor Show by releasing an official video.

Chevrolet says that its concept previewed ahead of SEMA is based on the Silverado 2500 HD and has been created with Realtree, an outdoor clothing company, coming with a Champagne Silver exterior color with Realtree graphics and it has been equipped with special off-road tires, but don’t even dare to think about driving it into the woods because it might not even hit the production line, even as a limited edition model.

“The truck is a celebration of the seven-year partnership between Chevrolet and Realtree. It’s only natural to combine the dependable, long-lasting Silverado HD with Realtree, the best gear for the outdoors. Like all great outdoor gear, the Silverado Realtree Concept is designed to get the job done – and look sharp while doing it”, said the marketing manager for Chevrolet pickups, Tony Truelove.

So after understanding why Mr. Truelove is talking about real American trucks which can get you out of any situation while looking sharp, you can make fun of his name, but not too long because he might get angry and start crying.

The Realtree concept is developing 397 horsepower and 1.037 Nm of torque (765 lb-ft) from a Duramax diesel engine and with its Cocoa leather seating with camouflage piping and blaze orange stitching on the inside seems to be like the perfect vehicle for the redneck in you, and even if it’s just a concept, you can always take a picture next to it in Las Vegas. But don’t smile too much; we know you’re missing some teeth.