[Video] Chevrolet takes a jab at aluminum Ford, says Silverado bed is stronger image

Ford’s move to aluminum construction for the new generation F-150 has been highly controversial, and things still don’t appear to have settled in.

For example, the latest jab at the use of the new material comes from Chevrolet – which indeed has a major interest in this, since they’re the closest competitors. In a recent piece of footage, Chevrolet is looking to demonstrate the superiority of its roll-formed, high-strength steel bed found in the Silverado compared to the F-150’s stamped aluminum. This being an official video, we can go from the start knowing the winner without even spoiling anything. And after taking a look, we’re also wondering if this is indeed how owners use their pickups’ bed.

So, during the first challenge, Chevy splashes 825 pounds of landscaping blocks into both trucks. With the Silverado’s bed only dented in the aftermath, the Ford’s metal is being punctured by the rocks. The dropped toolbox test also has the same outcome. The video of course highlights the advantages of a classic, steel bed for the heavy-duty use, but are drivers really going to subject their vehicles to such punishment after paying an arm and a leg for something they want to keep as many years as they can to recover the investment? Chevrolet should also be pretty careful about portraying steel as the better material, with rumors paving way for the next generation pickups adopting aluminum just like Ford has already.