[Video] Chevrolet takes heat for controversial Silverado vs. F-150 bed tests image

The US automaker has released a rather controversial commercial not long ago, in which the Silverado high strength steel bed proved superior to the stamped aluminum bed deployed by the Ford F-150.

Chevrolet is now doubling on the claims that its high-strength steel bed used by the Silverado is actually superior to the one used by the new generation F-150, which uses stamped aluminum. The company has now released the methodology and testing behind the claims. According to Chevrolet, no less than 26 real-world demonstrations and a handful of laboratory tests were conducted, showing that the Silverado’s bed “consistently outperformed” the competitor. Chevrolet of course has an interest in making sure it comes out on top, with the company acquiring 12 pairs of truck beds through retail dealerships and then conducted all demonstrations without bedliners.

The brand added that it discarded in the real-world demonstrations scratches and dents that did not affect the utility of the truck bed as surface damage. Then it classified fractures, ruptures, and holes as puncture damage if they allowed small items – such as nails or gravel – to pass through them. General Motor’s Research and Development Laboratory made use of the Dynatup 9250HV machine for the lab tests, deploying a 17 pound wedge striker. The engineers cut 6.3 x 6.3 inch samples of both truck beds and then dropped the striker on the raised rib – at 40 joules, the striker punctured the aluminum sample while the steel sample showed increased deflection (20 pairs were tested at this level, showing consistency). Steel samples punctured at 90 joules.