[VIDEO] Chevrolet Volt Super Bowl ad with aliens image

Chevrolet is getting ready for the Super Bowl weekend by releasing a new video where the Volt model is being promoted.

After Chevrolet went through some tough times with the Volt, now the North American based automaker has finally found someone interested in the “eco, green, baby Panda tears coming from the exhaust” model, and if you fail at selling something on Earth, well, there are always aliens who might buy it. So with a new “target” aimed at little green men with antennas sticking out of their heads, Chevrolet has found a new way of promoting the Volt, for the Super Bowl weekend.

While Chevrolet is launching new commercial videos with the Volt, the U.S. dealers are still refusing to take the models, after they were investigated by the NHTSA. In a previous article we said that from 104 units allocated in the New York area, dealers had only accepted 31 vehicles, and this has reflected in the car’s sales figures. The 2011 reports are saying that 7.671 units of the Chevrolet Volt have been sold, even if the target was 10.000 vehicles, but even so, the automaker is planning to manufacture 60.000 units of the Volt for 2012. Good luck with that!