Chevrolet is no longer in Europe – but thankfully the electrification process is a global phenomenon, supported on the old continent by the Opel Ampera-e.

And it turns out the Bolt is a really great EV – good price for its segment, long range thanks to the large battery, and there are even numerous reports that claim the official range is actually underestimated. That’s a breeze – since we’re used to seeing it grossly overestimated almost every single time. And Tesla Model 3 fans need to get a grasp with the fact that a Chevrolet Bolt – a hatchback – is going to be the competition. And just like any other Tesla, it’s actually a competent and fast car – one that can even take on the mighty VW Golf GTI without much hesitation.

Case in point, the model that started the hot hatch trend is still quite fast for today’s standards. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t lose a drag race badly to the Bolt – which has the advantage of seeing full torque from zero rpm. This is probably why today’s hot hatches – like the Honda Civic Type R are going for 300 hp even on front wheel drive – they are seriously afraid of not being ashamed by an electric car in any ad-hoc race.


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