[VIDEO] China minibus carrying 66 children instead of 8 stopped by police image

I know everyone has definitely took a bus on a busy day at least one time in his / her life and decided to pay more on gas to get from A to B after that because rubbing against strangers in a tight space with not enough air and weird smells obviously beats walking for some people.

But next time you find yourselves in a crowded transport vehicle repeat in your minds: “that could be a lot worse”, and it really can just watch that video below and will be convinced.

Caught by curious cameras in China’s Hebei Province, a minibus carrying 66 school children was stopped by the police. The interesting thing is that the vehicle was originally designed to transport only 8, but the “ingenious” driver replaced the seats with four benches. But even that wasn’t enough in a race for money.

The children and some of their teachers abandoned their trip after the police has stopped them and called in 12 vans to take the pupils home safely. We are glad that the policemen acted quickly and no one was harmed.

We still don’t know what happened to the driver but when we think that the Chinese authorities have forbidden abortions, than he is most likely in a jail somewhere.