[Video] China’s heaven-linking avenue raced to a new record by a Ferrari 458 image

An Italian motorist is the author of a new record on china’s “Miracle Road” – one of the most dangerous in the country – taking on the 99 bends mountain avenue on board a Ferrari 458.

The Tongtien Road in China could be counted among the most tortuous asphalt stretches in the world – even though it’s widely known as the “Miracle Road”. It has been sewn across a forested mountainside, and there’s no apparent destination – as the road is rather short, at just 6.8 miles (10.9 kilometers). But it has no less than 99 corners – most of them hairpins – and an elevation of more than 3600 feet (1100 meters) – a worthy Asian Pikes Peak. Italian racing driver Fabio Barone has conquered the avenue, with a record time posted in his aftermarket Ferrari 458. During a hill climb event last week he went full throttle in 10 minutes, 31 seconds – an average speed of 39 miles-per-hour (63 kilometers-per-hour).

These figures might sound small – but consider this: a corner appeared about every 120 yards (100 meters) or so, the road ahs a terrible surface, there are numerous scary drops that can deliver off the knife-edge shoulder pitfalls. Dubbed the Tianmenshan Mountain Road and situated in the Tianmen Mountain National Park in Hunan Province, the road was started in 1998 and needed eight years – with the peak located at 4300 feet (1300 meters) above sea level.