[VIDEO] Chris Harris drives the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 image

Chris Harris has recently went for a spin in one impressive race car, the McLaren MP4-12C GT3.

Chris Harris is taking test drives to a whole new level and one of the most recent vehicles to star in his videos is the McLaren MP4-12C GT3. The model in question has enjoyed reasonable success in the GT3 competition around the globe and the vehicle is worth approximately 500, 000 USD, making it one of the most expensive cars to features on Drive. Chris Harris says that there aren’t that many differences between the MP4-12C GT3 and its road going version, but the biggest one is apparently the disparity in output.

The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 has received a revised aerodynamic package, new dampers, an upgraded cooling system, an upgraded ECU, an improved electrical system and much. The racer is being used by international GT teams but it has also been offered to non-race users and collectors. The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 has 493 HP, compared to the road going version’s 616 HP, and it doesn’t even have the ProActive chassis, but keep in mind that this is a race car. You can check out Chris Harris’ impressions on the MP4-12C GT3 in the video posted below.