[VIDEO] Chrome Mercedes SLR, on the streets of London image

A classic Mercedes McLaren SLR crusing on the streets of London caught the attention of everyone and it wasnt’t long until numerous short videos of the car appeared on the internet.

Mid-Oriental tastes expand to Europe, this is what we can say about the fully chromed Mercedes McLaren SLR, which was caught by amateur cameras cruising in London.

Even the licence plates seem to have Arab characters in it so we expect an exotic sheik behind the steering wheel, interested in buying probably a whole English neighborhood.

The standard car is a true master piece but we can’t wonder why would someone chrome his car, or worse, why would someone gold one? But since it’s a free world, everyone can choose.

If you recognize the country on the licence plates, please let us know, along with your personal opinion on full-chromed cars. If you don’t, just relax and watch this video below. Enjoy!