[Video] Chrysler Pacifica ad was especially made for Mother’s Day image

Chrysler has been specifically active promoting their latest and greatest MPV – the Pacifica, and they didn’t fail to come up with a new commercial in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The clip is going to be our favorite celebrations of MPV moms – as the company extends a courteous thank you to all women who contributed to the development of cars. One interesting and major contributor is Charlotte Bridgwood — mother of one — who invented the world’s first automatic windshield wiper back in 1917 as the “Electric Storm Windshield Cleaner.” It featured rubber rollers instead of the blades of today, and its power came from the engine.

Austrian and American film actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr — mother of three — is also celebrated because she was a pioneer in the field of wireless communication as she came up with the “spread spectrum” technology. This has helped the communications boom, leading to the development of things such as the global positioning system (GPS). Chrysler also reminded us of Margaret Wilcox – mother of five – who came up with the first car heating system. She go the patent back in November 1893 and her invention is now history. Helene Rother — mother of one — is seen as the very first female car designer. She designed for General Motors and then Nash Motors as a consultant in charge of interiors, with the 1948 Nash 600 being her first project.