[Video] Citroen “dispatches” of WRC test in a… van image

The all-new Citroen Dispatch – a sister car to the Toyota Proace and Peugeot Expert – has been WRC tried and tested, in a bid to prove agility is something… well something you don’t usually see in a van.

The model wasn’t engineered from the scratch to fulfill the role of the next WRC installment, but Citroen – a guru in the field, after all – decided it wants to show the midsize van can surprise its owner with its agility and handling. And so decided to let WRC driver Kris Meeke take the wheel of an unsuspecting Dispatch and play around a purpose-built rally handling stage on muddy terrain with assistance from co-pilot Paul Nagle. Marketing aside, we can have yet another question we never asked get the answer – how would a van perform on a WRC stage?

“I’m impressed, that was really good – I enjoyed it. With slippery conditions on the stage, New Dispatch coped really well. It gave me the stability I needed in the corners, with great handling, which made it easy and fun to drive,” said Meeke. The Dispatch is available with a turbodiesel 2.0-liter with 119 hp, 148 hp, and 178 hp power levels. It can also be had in three lengths XS (4.6 meters), M (4.94 meters), and XL (5.3 meters), with up to 6.6 cubic meters of storage capacity.