[Video] Classics – BMW M3 explained scholarly and from the heart image

The passionate guys over at Donut Media are eagerly giving us petrolheads reasons to rejoices since they’re back with a new “everything you need to know” video, this time around focusing on the prized history of the BMW M3.

Arguably there are few models that have reached the legendary status of the BMW driving machine, and this rather short video for our taste does a convincing job of bringing all the basics one new admirer needs to know in order to join the ranks of the M3 worshipers. They’re also not falling for the trick represented by the model’s endless string of limited edition versions and very rare options, true – an integral part of the legacy – but way too many to mention just a few. Naturally, it all starts with the arrival of the original E30, who had its premiere back in 1985, and entered into cult status ever since.

Naturally, the reason behind the existence of the M3 back then was the rules and regulations of homologation – they wanted to race it and even didn’t believe it will be successful as a road car, envisioning sales of just 5,000 examples as opposed to the actual figure of more than 16,000. The moment BMW married the untamed performance of the M3 to the luxury features of larger cars only came in 1992 with the E36, and the video then focuses on showing how much the car has evolved since, up to the present days of the M3/M4 duo.